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- Specializing in Fixed Wing Flight Training

- Competitive Market-related Rates

- Operation Base - Rand Airport

- Vast Variation of Aircraft Types


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Arthur Karatzas Arthur Karatzas - Owner & Founder of AFOS

Michelle Steel-Smith Michelle Steel-Smith - Chief Flight Instructor

Michelle started her flying career in January 2008. It has been her life long dream to fly for a living. She is thankful each day for the ability to spend her day's fulfilling her dream. As much as flying is her dream, instructing is a huge part of the passion. Being able to pass on her knowledge about aviation is just as enjoyible as flying it's self.

Mickey Vieira Jonathan de Reuck - Grade III Flight Instructor

Jonathan began flying in 2005, with most of his training done with AFOS, from PPL, Commercial, Multi-Engine, Instrument Rating & Instructors rating.

Flying has been a passion for all of Jonathan's life. Flight instruction was something he knew he wanted to do from the time he did his first lesson in 2005.