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Afos Flight Academy

It is our pleasure to introduce you to AFOS Flight School. We specialise in fixed wing flight training from our facilities at Hangar 40, Rand Airport, Johannesburg, and offer students professional pilot flight training at competitive, market-related rates. Stripes

Ab-initio PPL (Private Pilot Licence) pilot training is conducted on ultra modern Tecnam range aircraft. The two-seater aircraft has outstanding handling capabilities which make it one of the world's best flight training planes. Private & Commercial Pilot flight training is also conducted on the world-renowned Cessna C172.


Current legislation dictates that a MINIMUM OF FORTY FIVE (45) flying instruction hours
for the issuing of a Private Pilot License (PPL). This figure might, however, be more based
on the individual student pilot's personal progress. The legislation furthermore requires that 30 flight training hours must be dual
instruction (i.e. with an instructor) and at least 15 hours of solo flying, of which at least 5
hours must be cross-country flying. Students must hold a Student Pilot License (SPL)
before flying solo, for which the following is required:

1. An official notification of a passed class II South African flight medical examination;
2. Sufficient flying instruction experience as determined by the Chief Flight Instructor     (minimum 10 hours);
3. Passed an aircraft Technical examination on the current aircraft types (Tecnam or Cessna) flown;     and
4. Completed Part 61 paperwork formalities as required by the South African Civil Aviation     Authority (SACAA).

AFOS pilot flight training school has access to a list of designated Medical Flight Examiners. Bookings are essential
and should be made in advanced. Our advice to new students is to complete the medical
examination before commencing with flight training, although it is not a legal requirement.
Once enrolled at AFOS Flight Training School, a training file containing all the student's details will be kept for immediate reference. Included in this file will be a record of all flying and
ground school experience, as well as personal details for office use only.
All training is scheduled around the student's requirements. The PPL ground school and flying
takes place concurrently, according to a Pilot's Flight Training Syllabus. It is important for the
student pilot to adhere to this syllabus, especially during the first 15 hours of ab-intio
instructions. The cost of the ground lectures is included in the flight training component
and is structured to equip the student with sufficient reference material to obtain the
required level of knowledge. PPL or Private Pilot Licence Ground School takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday.
Classes start at 17:30 and run until 21:30. The cost of the ground school is included in the
PPL-Kit. Should you whish not to obtain a PPL-Kit, the ground school will be charged at
R600.00 per subject per student.
Typical course duration, should you be able to attend three times a week, is approximately
four months. It is however possible to obtain your Private Pilot's Licence within eight to twelve weeks on a full-time basis.

It is important to note that in all cases the flying period includes a ground lecture period of
approximately 30min. Students should therefore plan on a session of approximately 2 hours
for each flying hour. A 24-hour notice period is required from students should they not be
able to attend a booked flying lesson. A late cancellation fee of 50% of the hourly rate of
the aircraft booked will be charged, should the student not cancel within 24-hours or if a
"no-show" situation arises.
All students are advised that payment for any form of training is strictly COD. The ideal
situation is for a credit amount of R1500.00 to be left with AFOS Flight Schools in
advanced, which is the constantly topped up in order to ensure a credit balance at all times.
Owners wishing to train on their own aircraft are most welcome, although certain
provisions will apply.

Please contact AFOS Flight School for more information on our pilot training courses. We look forward to seeing you onboard.

Michelle Steel-Smith – Chief Flight Instructor

Michelle Steel-Smith

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