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About Afos

It is our pleasure to introduce you to AFOS Flight School. We specialise in fixed wing flight training from our facilities at Rand Airport, Hangar 40, and offer students professional flight training at competitive, market-related rates. coffee cup

Rand Airport

At AFOS Flight School, a Johannesburg based school for flying, we ensure that safety is of most importance. We are proud to say that we have trained thousands of pilots for both commercial (Airline & Charter Industry) as well as Private pilots (PPL). Situated at Rand Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa, a busy aviation hub just 10 minutes drive from the Johannesburg Central Business District and positioned just 7.5 Nautical Miles South West of the busy O.R Tambo International Airport (previously known as Johannesburg International Airport). Flight training at Rand airport, ensures that student pilot's become familiar with busy airspaces. The Rand airport is a controlled aerodrome, thus making the work between ATC (Air Traffic Controllers) an everyday occurance and helps pilots get used to the workings of controlled airspaces, which in-turn makes for good and safe pilots.

Why Train at AFOS?

AFOS pilot training school has a dedicated team of flight Instructors, Aircraft maintenance staff and office staff who are at each student's beck & call and are always ready and willing to provide information, tuition and assistance. We are one of a very few pilot training schools in Johannesburg that have facilities such as a SA CAA (South African Cival Aviation Authority) approved, Online Examination center. PPL ground school classes take place on a weekly basis on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings at 18:00, completing one of the nine required subjects per week.


Flight students from other countries or other towns in need of accommodation are welcome to contact our offices where we will assist with any of your accommodation requirements.

Study Material

AFOS works closely with Comet Aviation Supplies, a pilot and aviation supplies shop based at Rand Airport. All student pilot's study material and other instrumentation, charts, etc can be bought through AFOS either as a complete kit or bit by bit at well discounted prices. For study material, AFOS suggests AVEX Study Notes. These are included in the PPL kit along with all the other items needed for the PPL course and beyond.

AFOS invites you to our flight school to meet with our instructors and have a tour of our superior flight training facilities.

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